Book Review “Stop Wasting Your Time Networking” by Wendy Lloyd Curley

Gunnar Habitz
5 min readDec 10, 2022

How to become a connector of collaborators

Within the sea of self-help business books, Wendy Lloyd Curley’s “Stop Wasting Your Time Networking” stands out as a unique book somewhere in the middle between marketing and sales. Co-titled as “The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Business Through Personal Connections” she published a practical reference for everyone who wants to grow their business by meeting the right people with the right connections at the right time.

Wendy loves to connect with others at various places since the beginning of her career. She spent about ten years in hospitality and hospitality management and ten years in corporate finance and marketing in the telecommunications industry. In addition to that she has been in a tech start-up and runs a very successful MLM business. She also worked on the stage and behind in theatres and heading her own band.

As an Executive Director at BNI, the world’s largest network referral organisation, she uses her experience in connecting small business professionals and leaders to build reciprocal relationships quickly and authentically. During the pandemic she decided to use her natural networking, training and presentation skills to solve a big problem for businesses: not getting results from their networking.

The book covers the journey towards success along two parts: understanding your business and strategic networking. The first chapters take the reader on a detailed discovery along their own services towards evaluating and segmenting the desired specific target audiences. Thoughts about brand reputation, culture, processes and recognition build the foundation before entering the world of strategic networking.

Starting with a referral score to enable others explaining a business to prospects, Wendy explains her Strategic Networking Framework with a graph that shows the need for finding strategic 1st connections to drive conversations which lead into 2nd connections as a source for relevant business connections. She includes not just the target markets but also collaborators, competitors and their recommendations. To illustrate this approach, she added case studies with example conversations across industries. The remaining chapters cover the art of…

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