Medium or Substack? Both!

Why I called my new blog “The Connecting Writer”

Gunnar Habitz
3 min readFeb 25, 2024
With my LEGO typewriter

Hi there,

Should you blog on Medium or on Substack? For me there is no “either/or”, it is rather “and” — as long it is not exactly the same.

For those who don’t know me — my name is Gunnar, I grew up and studied in Bremen (Germany), moved to Zürich (Switzerland) which became my home town and lived in parallel also in Prague (Czech Republic), the city of my wife Alexandra. We moved to Australia in 2016 to enjoy the South Pacific lifestyle with so many options and creativity.

I am writing for more than 30 years about different topics. As a born introvert, it is the best way to express myself. From a failure at my High School Certificate (HSC, or matura as we say in Switzerland) up to 24 published books and 450+ articles in magazines and newspapers shows that it is possible to develop a passion for writing.

Currently I’m blogging online on LinkedIn about sales, marketing, leadership and sharing content around my corporate life. And here on Medium I’m sharing my book reviews which typically include an interview with the author.

Today there are more and more ways to express yourself online and build a following. Gone are the days when a Wordpress blog was the only way to send your writing efforts into the world wide web.

When I added my book reviews also as a LinkedIn newsletter, I realised that 40% of my 2000+ subscribers over there joined from outside of my own network.

And that told me that people often find content regardless of the creator, especially on known platforms. A wonderful way to find people interested in our content who become subscribers.

Taking this to the next level, I would like to welcome you to my Substack — the fine way of combining newsletter, blog, podcast, even social media with short notes in Twitter style, and email automation.

What will you find in my new blog?

Glad you asked. Well, I assume you had this question in your mind anyway.

In my new Substack publication “The Connecting Writer” I combine three streams with my content:

  1. For me connecting with people is the best we can do in order to advance our business and private life. One way to achieve that is using content. Therefore you will find my thoughts about social networking here.
  2. A wonderful way to express ourselves is by writing, especially when we learn how to craft our stories well and with consistency. I will share ideas about publishing blogs and even books.
  3. Combining this together, I will also talk about how to monetise your writing. Having published 24 books already unlocking a lot of business from there, I will share my recipes how to earn from writing.

How can I help you?

Get inspired from the content and feel free to reach out to me. Happy to share my ideas how you can advance your own writing activities or even consider monetising your own book before it is fully written and published.

Feel free to reach out to or find me on LinkedIn (and please subscribe to my new Substack as well, thanks!).



Gunnar Habitz

Check my Substack publication "Writing in Cafés". Content Creator for Social Selling & LinkedIn, author of "Connect & Act", Leadership Mentor & Board Director.